• Court 1Leverage

    Court 1

  • Court 2 Alley-Oop Basketball

    Court 2
    Alley-Oop Basketball

  • Court 3MAP Champ/Macleem

    Court 3
    MAP Champ/Macleem

  • Court 4Hawk Hoops

    Court 4
    Hawk Hoops

  • Court 5Mountain Dew

    Court 5
    Mountain Dew

  • Court 6 Gatorade

    Court 6

  • Court 7Pepsi

    Court 7

  • Court 8Aquafina

    Court 8

  • 1

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Cost: Individual Court Rentals Start at $65 per hour
Individual court rentals start at $65 per hour. Rates may vary depending on frequency, number of courts, and length of reservation. For facility rentals, whether it be for a tournament, special event, or camp, please email us your information or call 714-905-5261.
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Why The Map?

We offer numerous leagues, none of which are operated by The MAP, and host several teams practices on a weekly basis. Contact us whether you are looking for pick-up game, team practice, a league to join, or to host a tournament, The MAP is the place to be.